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Friday, 11 November 2011

Gran Canaria Car Hire: Standard Rental Conditions

Check your Gran Canaria hire car  before signing the contract
Hiring a car in Gran Canaria gives you the freedom to discover a whole new side of Gran Canaria. It is a simple process and the standard contracts are the same as a British or European contract. You almost always have to leave a credit card number as a deposit.
Watch out for this common problem that could end up costing you money: 

Small, independent car hire companies are often the cheapest option on Gran Canaria. The only problem with them is that they are too small to have an airport office and often charge an excess for airport drop-offs. Organise exactly when and where you need to leave your car. Check to see if there are excess charges for leaving your vehicle in the airport. These charges can cancel out any savings you make by using an independent hire-car firm.
Most local companies are honest and reliable and excellent value for money but trust your instincts and walk away if in doubt.

Standard contracts for car hire in Gran Canaria should include the following:
  • Unlimited mileage. 
  • All taxes. 
  • Some level of insurance (check the excess). 
Most car hire contracts in Gran Canaria will not cover you for the following problems:

  • Problems or breakdowns caused by off-road driving, including damage to the undercarriage, wheels or tyres or damage caused by rolling the car. 
  • Parking fines or any other fines due to dangerous or negligent driving or drink driving. 
  • Loss or damage to the key, including water damage caused by going swimming with the key in your pocket. 
  • Damage caused by putting the wrong fuel into the car. 
  • Damage caused by non-registered drivers, unlicensed drivers or drivers under the age of 21 or with less than two years driving experience. 
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Almost everyone who hires a car in Gran Canaria has a hassle-free experience. If you ever have any problem with a particular operator please contact us and let us know the details. If we hear about Gran Canaria car hire firms that are consistently unreliable we will feature them on this website. We want everybody to find the best and the cheapest car hire deal in Gran Canaria.